Peer Education

We are peer educators from the den and we deliver fun workshops to young people on topics like sex, drugs and alcohol. We don't lecture or judge but aim to provide information that keeps you safer! Our previous workshops involves alcohol and drugs information, STI and contraception information and condom demonstrations.

peer educators group

How do I become a Peer Educator? You can apply to be a peer educator if you are:

  • 16 - 22 years of age
  • Interested in volunteering for your local community
  • Have an interest in health topics
  • Looking to work towards a youth achievement award
  • Want to increase your confidence and skills

peer educators group

The Best Thing is... You get to meet interesting new people, go on fun residentials, go on day trips to Edinburgh, gain a Platinum Youth Achievement Award (equivalent to an advanced higher) and you get experience working with young people and sometimes you event get FREE PIZZA!!

peer educators group

peer educators at Scotish Parlament

Please e-mail who can provide you with more information on Peer Education and how to you can volunteer with The Den.

peer educators group

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