Identifying and developing face-to-face and digital business ideas together with you

Our Approach

  • Strong entrepreneurial appetite, results-driven
  • Solid business building skills
  • Keen on taking risks and investing in exciting ventures
  • Bespoke model to suit your needs


The founders of [SPACE] have both been involved in numerous new business creation processes, from idea development and business planning to market testing and implementation. We regularly identify emerging opportunities, and we are keen on developing new ideas and solutions together with our clients and industry partners. We do this as part of our consulting work but at times also as entrepreneurs and co-investors in certain ventures, taking equity and sharing the risk.

Given our deep market understanding and insight into the face-to-face and wider media industry, we are particularly keen on developing new launch ideas as well as new digital propositions. With our experience in company management and business creation, we can mediate between corporate and start-up culture to achieve maximum performance.

We have the drive and ambition to build large and scalable businesses together with our partners. The legal set-up and ownership structure of such ventures can take various forms, and we can tailor a solution to your requirements and risk profile. 


Based on our deep experience in the events and wider media industry (specifically digital), we are keen on developing new business propositions - be it new events, new digital products and solutions or more transformational digital disruption. We work with our partners and clients on developing joint propositions - from ideation and business planning to product development and implementation; we validate and re-engineer business models and formulate strategies for success, and - if this is of mutual benefit - take a share in the venture and participate in the day-to-day management.

As a strategy consulting company we have the required skill set to quickly take ideas to the market, and as entrepreneurs we are keen on taking risks and investing in exciting ventures. 

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Most large face-to-face players have unrivalled experience in cloning successful shows, growing their international portfolio and optimising margins. However, when it comes to new show launches, turning around low-growth assets or leveraging their networks for significant digital revenue, established face-to-face players often struggle.

We have strong business building experience, entrepreneurial appetite and the right management team to turn your ideas into successful investments. As your consulting and business building partner, we support you in expanding your business into strategic growth areas. Together we can found spin-ins, corporate start-ups embracing new business models, which secure longer-term growth for the parent company.

If you on the other hand have assets with unsatisfactory performance and would like to hire us as an interim management team, please also get in touch. We can run existing shows or small portfolios of shows for you, e.g. as a spin-off from the parent company. 

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Our involvement in your ventures can take various forms, from majority investments to 50:50 joint ventures or lower equity shares (see above). Whatever model, as co-investors we share the entrepreneurial risk. While our established partners contribute their strong brands, access to industry verticals and networks, we can bring in talented management teams, entrepreneurial appetite and focus on growth.

When it comes to investments, we are particularly interested in digital solutions that support face-to-face market places, such as digital content, B2B platforms and e-commerce solutions.

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