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CamGlen Radio exists to serve the communities of Rutherglen, Cambuslang and surrounding areas. Advertise with us for cost effective, targeted marketing for your business. Click here to find out more.


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You can donate to CamGlen Radio via our local giving page

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Meeting the costs of running a full time radio station, supporting and training our volunteers, meeting costs like licences, internet & rent is a full time challenge in itself. Become a station sponsor or use our advertising service and your business can get the benefit of targeted, professional, low cost advertising while earning loads of karma (as well as our gratitude) by supporting a local community organisation that makes a real impact on peoples’ lives.

Every penny that comes into the station goes straight into meeting our core charitable aims.


We have delivered countless training courses, both informally and accredited and we have honed our training programme to a ‘T’, meaning our volunteers get the benefit of the best ‘in house’ training we can possibly provide. Not only that but it covers a wide range of topics too. We’re very proud of it!!


We don’t exist without volunteers – our volunteers are CamGlen Radio and make all of this broadcasting stuff a reality! If you live in Rutherglen or Cambuslang areas then you automatically qualify to become a part of the team. No experience needed – only enthusiasm and commitment! See the Get Involved page for more information, including contact details.

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CamGlen Radio has broadcast since 2007, and became a full-time service in 2015, broadcasting on 107.9FM across Cambuslang, Rutherglen & other areas in the South East of Glasgow; and available worldwide on the internet at Find out more on the About Us page.